Roller Skates

It’s a little rough, but this is my first attempt at the Photoshop Pen tool. The lyrics are from a really good song from the 70s by Melanie.


A Day at the Aquarium

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The idea for this “project” began when I first found out what the second Sex and the City movie entailed and watched the trailed. Astonishment was my first reaction. Astonishment at the fact that another movie was coming out. Fear at just how many of the commercials for this movie I would have to sit through. And ultimately, disgust.
I did actually watch the first movie and I was shocked at how much I didn’t like it. I thought it would just be a silly throw away movie that wasted a couple of hours, but was ultimately harmless.
All of these things, however, paled in importance when I watched that preview and discovered that instead of whooping it up again in one of the poorest nations in the world, Mexico, again, the girls head to the other side of the world. This time its the Middle Eastern country of the United Arab Emirates! What fun! Nothing like taking four women who make it their lives’ hobbies to drink, dress provocatively, and, while although the majority of them are currently married, having a long list of sexual conquests, and sending them to an extremely conservative Muslim country!
The consequences of this phenomenon of rich Westerners visiting rich Muslim countries, thinking they can run around and act as they would in any other western country have been well documented in the recent past. So the idea that they would play such out such a storyline in a movie featuring a franchise that stays far away from actual serious conversation was frightening to say the least.
But, while that may have inspired the ultimate point of this project, the results are far from serious political discussion. So, we’ll move on.
I began to imagine how such a vacation would end for these characters if they were real, and came to the following conclusion….

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Blurb Cookbooks

I’ve said in the past how much I like using Blurb when creating my picture books and cookbooks. But I haven’t had a great way of showing the books they create since mine are usually set to private.

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Happy Easter

A Dream Bedroom

I didn’t quite follow my original timeline on the decorating posts, but close enough. No one reads them anyway, I just like to feel like I’m following the lists of to-do’s I set for myself. Next up is a Dream Bedroom. The plan for this room is to turn slightly more masculine than the office, but still ultimately gender neutral.

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What’s Her Name

I saw this infomercial for these weird boob stickers about 15 times while watching something and realized one of the women looked very familiar.

I’m pretty sure that’s the woman from Season 5 of the Bachelor who came back to confront the Bachelor after she was eliminated. If tv.com is correct, then her name is Trish and she’s really scraping the bottom of the barrel for work now. Boy, I bet if the Bachelor could see her now he’d rethink her proposition.